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Our Berlin tour guides are as varied as the city itself, coming from backgrounds in academia, entertainment, military and archeology to name a few. Some are native Berliners, while others moved here from elsewhere after falling in love with the city. We believe that tours by locals are the best way to discover Berlin. Who better to show you the city?


You’ll naturally have practical questions about the city: Is Berlin safe? (Yes.) Does Uber operate there? (Yes.) Is the public transport system easy to use? (Yes.) Your private guide can help you with any questions that may arise.


Want to know what kind of discounts are available for visitors? Your guide can give you advice on how to purchase and use your Welcome Card (the popular Berlin city tour card). Or perhaps you need a little help with your wider itinerary. Looking for things to do in Berlin in September? Things to do in Dresden in March? Can’t decide between a trip to Munich or to Leipzig? Our guides are a well-traveled bunch who can usually advise on other German cities too.


Whatever it is, your guide can also help you find things to do in Berlin at night, keep you right with cultural practices and give you their top tips to make the most of your Berlin trip.


Our guides offer Berlin tours in English, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, French, Turkish and many more languages. Und natürlich haben wir auch Berlin Touren auf Deutsch.


We believe our members give the best tours in Berlin. Not only do our guides work with (or else run their own) top-rated Berlin tour companies, the Berlin Guides Association holds its members to high standards so we know they consistently deliver top quality Berlin private tours