BBS guides are special.

That’s because we are passionate and experienced, and know Berlin better than anyone.

We are versatile and are just as comfortable leading coach parties as we are giving private car tours.

We have studied at reputable universities worldwide and have worked for years as guides in Berlin.

All BBS members have conducted at least 200 tours and are professional guides with experience and dedication to match.

We are knowledgeable in the facts, but also well-versed in the stories that bring the city‘s history to life.  We are committed to providing an educational and enjoyable experience to all visitors coming to Berlin.  We are also constantly seeking to expand our own knowledge by exploring all corners of the city, both by ourselves and with fellow members.  We read all we can about Berlin‘s past and present, and strive to learn from outside experts and each other.

We have different backgrounds and have all come to the profession through different paths, but we share a commitment to excellence in guiding in Berlin. We therefore welcome any new members who fulfill the basic BBS requirements and share our interest in continuing education in order to maintain the quality and increase the high standard of guiding services in the city.