The Bündnis Berliner Stadtführer (BBS) is an organization comprised of experienced guides working in and around Berlin. We are trained, local historians whose passion is sharing our knowledge of German history and culture with visitors to Berlin from around the world.

We believe that the amazing pool of knowledge and experience which the guide community of Berlin has assembled could be made more accessible for peers and guests alike.  Therefore, the BBS aims to offer an opportunity for the guides of Berlin to come together to improve our skills and expand our knowledge to provide the best possible experience for the visitors to Berlin.

We list all of our guides to quickly and easily help you find an appropriate guide, simply choose the kind of Tour you are interested in and you will find a full selection of guides at the bottom of the page who offer that topic. When you find a guide you like, you can contact them directly via the contact form on their profile page (emails go direct to guides, we have no involvement in arranging tours) and you can arrange all the details via email correspondence with the guide.