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With the pandemic necessarily hampering most people’s travel plans, guides across the globe are turning their hand to virtual tours. We spoke to two tour guides in different corners of the world to find out how they have made the move from in-person to virtual tourism.

In an hour-long conversation, Shira Kleinman and Alessia Nencioni Farias shared their virtual tours insights and experiences with our members. Now we would like to share them with you.

As Shira says, it’s a scary time for guides.

“We’re used to being outside pointing at things

and now suddenly we’re inside pointing at things!”

Of course, there’s far more to great guiding than simply pointing. This is especially true when making the initial pivot to virtual tours. The good news is that you don’t need to be a tech expert to take your tours online.

In this hour-long conversation about how Shira and Alessia made their careers virtual, learn:

  • Some foolproof quick fixes for slow internet connections
  • Why offering virtual tours can take the sting out of cancelled travel plans
  • How you can add layers of atmosphere and a little bit of kitsch to make tours more personal

… and much more!

You’ll also enjoy micro-demos of 4 easy-to-use platforms to host your own virtual tour – whether you’re in lockdown or not.

Shira Kleinman is an educator and licensed tour guide based in Haifa, where she runs Tours with Shira.

Alessia Nencioni Farias is a licensed tour guide in New York City, where she runs Barefoot New York.

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