Rick Steves Interview | BBS meets the US travel guru

This month, it was our great pleasure to interview US travel guru, Rick Steves.

Since COVID-19 has hampered the travel plans of many, those in the industry have been urged to think differently about how and why we do what we do. This has led to some brilliant conversations.

In an hour-long conversation with Berlin Guides Association President, Matt Robinson, and BBS member, Wouter Bernhardt, we discussed travel as a political act and the art of tour guiding.

What’s more, we hear from Rick about his mission to broaden people’s horizons, what it was like to travel in Eastern Europe as an American during the Cold War, and – of course – why Berlin has such a special place in his heart.

Watch the full, unedited Rick Steves interview on our YouTube channel now. Alternatively, you can listen to an edited version of the conversation on The Low Season podcast by Wouter Bernhardt (available wherever you get your podcasts).

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