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Tales from Museum Island by Dr Jamie Sewell | BBS Lectures

On 15th December 2020, Berlin Guides Association member, Dr. Jamie Sewell delivered an enlightening lecture on the history and famous artefacts of Museum Island exclusively for his fellow members.

Now, we’re inviting our friends to watch the complete recording with slides and Q&A session.

Aimed at experienced Berlin tour guides, this isn’t exactly an introduction for beginners. It is however a wonderful opportunity to learn more than most Berlin visitors ever do about the intrigues of this fascinating UNESCO world heritage site.

Highlights of this Museum Island lecture include:

  • the bust of Nefertiti and its Jewish links
  • the Pergamon Altar’s impact on the history of art and the German Empire
  • the special relationship between The Ishtar Gate and the Kaiser

…and much more.

Watch the full 90-minute video here or head to our YouTube channel.