Why become a member

Like us, you are a committed and passionate tour guide. You consider it a privilege to show the city to a variety of clients and to work independently. However, you have also realized that lacking the support of colleagues and peers can sometimes be challenging, if not downright difficult, to maintain excellence in tour guiding.

The Bündnis Berliner Stadtführer (BBS) addresses the issues and problems specific to our job and provides support in handling them. We are committed to not only maintaining, but improving, the quality of tour guides in Berlin. More than anything, the BBS is a community of colleagues with whom you can share your experiences, hear informed opinions, and discuss various issues with which you may be concerned.

As a member, you can:
– join our monthly informal BBS meetings
– join our regular further education events (excursions, tours, lectures, etc.)
– receive information about practical and legal aspects of tour guiding
– raise your visibility by creating your own individual guide profile on the BBS website and
get your own berlinguidesassociation.com email address
– receive a BBS badge, which represents quality and excellence in tour guiding in Berlin and
allows free access to our many partner institutions and museums
– participate in and profit from quality control through peer review