Board of Directors

Matt Robinson

Matt Robinson
President & Outreach Coordinator

Matt is a Brit who has lived in Berlin since 2006.
He has a BA (Hons) in Journalism.



Heather EllisHeather Ellis
Vice President & Membership Coordinator

Heather is an American from Pennsylvania who has lived in Berlin since 2005.
She has an MA in Modern German History.



William MollersWilliam Mollers

William is from Australia and settled in Berlin in 2011.
He has a BA in German Literature from the University of Sydney/Cologne and a B. Commerce in Accounting from the University of Sydney



Jim McDonoughJames McDonough

Jim is an American from Minnesota who moved to Berlin in 2005.
He has undergraduate degrees from the University of Minnesota in German History and German Studies.



Georgia RinguGeorgia Riungu
Online Coordinator

Georgia is from the UK and moved to Berlin in 2015.
She has a masters degree in German & Hispanic Studies from the University of Glasgow.



Forrest Holmes
Excursions Coordinator

Forrest is from the USA and moved to Berlin in 2010.
He has an MA in German History from Cardiff University.