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Pen Hassmann

Hello, I’m Penelope, but everyone just calls me Pen. I’m an Australian married to a german living in Berlin since 2005 and I have been a professional guide since 2006.

Before I moved to Berlin I had so many preconceptions about this place and these people. My journey towards understanding this complex city has been a very personal one – I wanted to understand my husband’s background, his language, his history, his culture. Along the way it became my work and my passion to lead other people around this city, teasing out the details of what has happened here and how this remarkable history still shapes the lives of those who live here.

This eventually became my work which I love, showing other people around this amazing city, sharing it’s stories, the way the city’s life has shaped the lives of the people who live here. Berlin has seen war, revolution, dictatorship, devastation, oppression, division, and rebirth. And all of this has been a lived experience by the people who walk these streets.

I do not provide generic tours or work from a script. I work to the needs and desires of my clients to provide a flexible and interesting itinerary to show you what you are most interested in as well as some things you may not even know exist. The tour itineraries listed on this site are simply suggestions, we can mix and match as you like depending on your level of interest and time constraints. I recommend a minimum of 4 hours for a tour, but longer is also possible, especially if you like lots of detail, want to combine tour ideas, or prefer a longer break along the way.  I normally use a combination of walking, public transport and the occasional taxi to explore Berlin, but for those who prefer it is also possible to organise a car and driver service.

It is my wish to help all of my clients have the best time possible here in this amazing city. I try to ensure that everyone I meet leaves this place with an understanding not only of what Berlin has been through but also a taste of what it has become. For Berlin is more than just it’s history.  It is more than a political capital or a place of mythologized cool, a self-reflexive hipster must-see, or a new 5 star luxury destination.

Berlin is unique.


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