Nadav Gablinger – Berlin Tour Guide

As a historian, Berlin is amazing: History speaks from every building and can be found in every corner.

As an Israeli who speaks both Hebrew and Arabic, Berlin reminds me many of the good things from the place I come from: Truly colourful and multicultural.

As a member of a Jewish-German family, I have a personal perspective on Berlin’s culture: Since their immigration to this area (back in 1650), my family left an impact on Berlin’s cultural scene. This can be seen today in many of Berlin’s museums, including the Jewish Museum and the Neues Museum (the home of the famous Nefertiti statue). My family story is the story of Berlin: both the highest and the lowest points.

I started guiding back in 2002 and established the first Hebrew walking tour company in Berlin. I trained many of Berlin’s guides and set high standards for them.

Over the years, I had the pleasure of guiding many tours of all sizes, from private tours with individuals to organizing a tour for a group of 1,800 people. I have experience in creating both fun itineraries for companies who want incentive tours (e.g. – Orange Telephone Company, Coca-Cola, many leading Israel law firms, etc.), as well as educational programs (e.g. – the British Team for the European Maccabi Games, teachers’ programs for various organizations, etc.). A few highlights in my guiding career include showing around a group of opera lovers and the UJA Prime Minister Mission. These groups have high expectations and I know to adapt to make sure these expectations are not just met, but exceeded.

After completing my advanced academic degree (with a focus on Germany’s Political and Military History), I began to dedicate my time to show my guests all the things that make this city one of the most interesting on earth. Berlin is fascinating to me on so many levels, and I try to bring my enthusiasm for the city to my guests. Join me and discover Berlin!

You are welcome to visit my website:
(The website also has a link to the Hebrew and German versions.)

I am available at or on WhatsApp (phone) +491791494575

My Tours:

  • General Sightseeing of Berlin
  • Historical Berlin: From the Middle Ages to Contemporary Times
  • Berlin During the Third Reich Era
  • Jewish Heritage Tours (in the “regular” Jewish heritage sites and in more off the beaten track routes)
  • Cold War Berlin
  • Berlin in the Roaring 1920s
  • The Old City of Spandau and its Vicinity
  • Potsdam and Wannsee
  • The Jewish Museum (usually integrated with other sites – please consult me)
  • Ravensbrück and Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial (certified guide)
  • Dresden (Day Trip from Berlin)
  • Leipzig (Day Trip from Berlin)
  • Hamburg (Day Trip from Berlin)
  • Seelow Heights and the battle of Berlin.
  • and many more

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