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Lizzy MasonI’m Elizabeth and I’m a Cold War baby, courtesy of a US “Ami” soldier stationed in Germany in the 1980s and a Bavarian mom/ I moved to Berlin because that is what young, poor Germans in their early 20s do. Having sadly left that golden age of youth behind, I have since focused on my academic career, completing a Bachelor’s degree at St. Lawrence University in New York and a Master’s degree at the Freie Universität in Berlin.

My academic focus is the study of the various psychological processes that take place for the victims of events of mass violence, such as genocide or terrorist activity, as well as the psychological and social processes that take place which enable perpetrators to carry out these acts. I expect to commence with my PhD in the field of either politics or international relations by 2022.

I take immense pride in being able to bring greater awareness and understanding to how Germany allowed itself to descend into a nation that became silent bystanders and outright participants in the atrocities of the Holocaust; a phenomenon that resonates with millions of people across generations and borders still today. I specialize in tours of Sachsenhausen (having had the privilege of completing an internship in the archive department as part of my training) and the Third Reich, with special attention to the persecution of Jewish victims in Berlin.

I also offer general historical tours of Berlin, Berlin Wall tours, German food and beer experiences, and Potsdam city tours. Please contact me to build a tour that caters to what you personally would like to see, eat, and experience while you are with us in Berlin!


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