Laureline van den Heuvel – Berlin Tour Guide

Berlin is famous for its great art scene and not without reason. Exploring the gallery scene in Berlin is a true adventure. Around almost every corner, an art treasure can be found. There are hundreds of galleries, project rooms and other art spaces. They are to be found in the most beautiful and strange locations: apartments, basements, courtyards, former churches and print halls.

How to make your pick in such an exuberance can be tricky. This is where Gallery Quest comes in. Gallery Quest provides tours in all the major gallery clusters in Berlin. From Mitte, where it all started in the nineties, to the very happening Potsdamer Straße. From experimental Kreuzberg to the transforming City West art cluster. Gallery Quest sorts everything out, composes a great route and answers all your questions about the Berlin gallery scene.

Gallery Quest is run by Laureline van den Heuvel. She is an art historian from the Netherlands and has lived in Berlin since early 2014. She was very lucky to have first studied at the University of the Arts (BA Teachers Degree) and after that finished her MA in Art History at the Free University, both in Amsterdam. This gives her both practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

In Amsterdam, she worked as a teacher at the University of the Arts and as a freelance art historian. She wrote reviews, articles and interviews for (online) magazines, galleries and catalogues. Here in Berlin, she works as a museum teacher in the Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum for Contemporary Art and in the Jewish Museum Berlin, where she provides a tour through the beautiful Daniel Libeskind architecture.

Her main focus is the gallery scene in Berlin. She also provides tours in the Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum for Contemporary Art, the Jewish Museum Berlin (architecture) and the Old National Gallery (19th-century painting), in English, German and Dutch.

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