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Jeremy Minsberg

Welcome to Berlin! My name is Jeremy and I will be your guide.

I first came to Berlin in 1981 and personally went through Checkpoint Charlie. I was an eyewitness to both East and West Berlin, and have seen the city grown from the front lines of the Cold War to a city that has regained its place as the cultural epicenter of Europe. I finally took the plunge and made Berlin my permanent home in 2001 – an American Jew living in the German capital.

I have walked almost every inch of this city, exploring its tormented and rich history and living its dynamic present. There was a lot of homework to do here, and I’ve done it all. Now I would like to share it with you.

I offer custom-made tours for English speakers visiting Berlin. I was raised in a kosher, traditional Jewish home in Minnesota and am one of the only native English-speaking Jewish tour guides in Berlin. Without a language barrier or accent, you will understand everything I say. I have also lived in Israel and studied at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

There is no need to tell you that Germany’s history is a difficult one. I’ve asked the hard questions since I arrived and would be glad to share with you what I’ve learned. Despite that past, there is a vibrant transition taking place in Berlin, which I would love to show you.
Are you interested in architecture, technology, culture, or Jewish history? You name it – I can do it all. I will design a tour to keep your mind awake without exhausting your feet! Let me show you why millions of visitors have fallen in love with this reunited new, old capital.

I am a passionate storyteller who weaves Berlin’s places and history into a thrilling narrative and adventure. This is not a boring academic history lesson. I have a 5-star rating on Tripadvisor and even recently learned that as of spring 2021, I am the highest rated individual private tour guide on the site!

To learn more about me and the tours I offer, please visit my webpage at –

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