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Jeremy Minsberg

Welcome to Berlin. My name is Jeremy, and I will be your guide.

I first came to Berlin in 1981 during the Cold War, and personally went through Check Point Charlie;  An eyewitness to East and West Berlin. and have seen the city grow from the front lines of the cold war to a city that has regained its place as the cultural epicenter of Europe.  I finally took the plunge and made Berlin my permanent home in 2001, An American Jew living in the German capital.

I have walked almost every inch of this city, exploring its tormented and rich history, living its dynamic present. There was a lot of homework to do here. I’ve done it all. Let me share it with you.

I offer custom-made tours for English speakers visiting Berlin. I was raised in a kosher, traditional Jewish home in Minnesota; one of the only Native English speaking Jewish tour guides of Berlin.   You will understand everything I say.   I have also lived in Israel and went to Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

No need to tell you that Germany’s history is a difficult one. I’ve asked the hard questions since I arrived and would be glad to share with you what I’ve heard. But there is also a vibrant transition taking place in Berlin. Let me show you.

Are you interested in architecture, technology, culture or Jewish history? You name it. I will design a tour to keep your mind awake without killing your feet!

Let me show you why millions of visitors are falling in love with this reunited new, old capital. Take it all in with me, Jeremy, your personal Berlin tour guide.

A passionate storyteller who weaves Berlin’s places and history into a thrilling narrative and adventure. Not a boring academic history lesson. 5 star rating on Trip Advisor

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