Jamie Sewell – Berlin Tour Guide

I am from the UK, but a fateful romance with an East German girl from Berlin led me to move to Berlin in 1999 – a sound decision, for we are still together! Professionally, I have had many guises, but I eventually found my calling: history. I received a BA in History and Archaeology and a PhD in Roman Archaeology from the University of London. I have supervised university-run excavations in Britain, Romania, Germany and Italy, including Pompeii, and I have lectured at the universities of Humboldt and Durham. I was also active for many years as a field archaeologist in Berlin, enjoying the fulfilment of being able to shed new light on Berlin’s Medieval and Early Modern history from its buried material culture.

Out of a need for a part-time job during my PhD research, I started guiding in Berlin in 2004, but it has subsequently become a passion. Meanwhile I have led thousands of tours in this city. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have a job that I adore. Berlin is endlessly fascinating. I love the ongoing creative processes of discovering new stories, contextualising them, and finding ways to retell them in engaging and entertaining ways. Berlin has totally transformed since I moved here and I relish the challenge of adapting to these changes as a guide. Meeting new people every day and hearing their stories is as rewarding as improving the quality of their holidays through my work.

I also offer tours of the Pergamon and Neues Museums, and the Archaeology of Berlin.

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