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Itay NovikMy name is Itay and I’m a food designer, living and working in Berlin since 2011. Israeli in origin, I moved to Berlin after living in Italy where I’ve studied industrial design. It took me exactly one day to decide Berlin was my place, it was really love at first sight.

Although I have great passion for history, my real passion is for food and in these tours I’ve found a way to integrate both. I’m not just an enthusiastic eater, but I’m really into the how and why, meaning that we can have a one hour discussion about white vs rye breads along the years (only if you want). These tours narrate the culinary history of the region (Berlin and Brandenburg) through its people’s food. Each tasting during this tour aims to give you a part of the whole story and development of the area. We visit the farmers’ markets, meet the local growers, and also visit some famous culinary institutes and small businesses. The tour focuses on regional and local producers rather than big vendors and, therefor, is also changing all the time according to the season of the year, but also between the days.

When talking about the people of Berlin, I don’t refer by any means to strictly Germans or German food. From the farmers’ markets to the luxurious 20th century department stores, this city has changed a lot. This area, poor in natural resources, was influenced widely throughout history by the immigrants’ kitchens and nearby areas. Although Berlin today also has a fair amount of starred restaurants, in my eyes the more interesting side is the bubbling mix of ethnic and multicultural street food.

Please state if you have any food restrictions or allergies. All tours are accessible for wheelchairs and have vegan and vegetarian versions.


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