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David Meeres

I’m originally from Northallerton, a small town in North Yorkshire, England. I studied German and British history at St Andrews University in Scotland, and afterwards (at the University of Limerick, Ireland) completed a PhD thesis concerning juvenile delinquency in World War II and post-war Berlin. I came here to use the archives and libraries, and didn’t mean to stay that long. But it is hard to get away from a city that offers so much, particularly for those who are into their history. Berlin has been through so many dramatic, often violent upheavals in the 20th Century that the scars are still here to see. Yet it has now become a very liveable, lively, liberal city despite (or perhaps because of) these trials and tribulations.

I have been a tour guide for over 5 years, and consider it a privilege to give tours in and around this wonderful city. I’m married to a German, and have lived here in Berlin for over 7 years – I suppose this makes me somewhat of a ‘native’. However, when my English friends tell me I’ve “become a bit German”, I remain unsure whether or not to take this as a compliment…

I look forward to showing you the many magnificent sights Berlin has to offer!


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