Chris Moniz – Berlin Tour Guide

Berlin Tour Guide - Chris MonizI’m Chris and I was born in the frigid tundra of Toronto, Canada. I completed my education in two highly related fields – history and biology.

After working in a hospital for some time as a music therapist, I decided that it was time to leave the homestead and travel somewhere else a bit more permanently. It was this urge that led me to Berlin in 2015.

I was first attracted to Berlin due to the history, art, culture, and language (which is a continual work in progress). It is a city teeming with life and an endless supply of inspiration and knowledge. This is what turned an initial one-year stay into a new home in my now-favorite city in the world.

From the bohemian and underground lifeblood of Berlin to the intrigues of the former capital of the Third Reich, my love of this unique place in this time and space has given me a job that I can’t see myself leaving anytime soon.

So let me show you my personal side of Berlin and the things that make this city unlike any other!

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