Chris Cooke – Berlin Tour Guide

Chris Cooke - Berlin Tour Guide

Hi, I’m Chris – tour guide, storyteller, and expert in all things Berlin. Originally from New Zealand, I now call Berlin home for my wife (who’s German), my kids (who are half-German) and myself (who’s getting there).

After cutting my teeth as a guide and ranger on the hiking trails of New Zealand, I packed my bags and took off in 2009 to see the world. While backpacking in Colombia, I met a lovely German girl who I decided I rather liked. Try as she might, she couldn’t get rid of me and eventually I followed her all the way to Munich. It was in the Bavarian capital where I developed a passion for German history and culture (as well as it’s beer and sausage) and honed my skills as a city guide.

Despite falling in love with Munich, the fascination awoken by various visits to Berlin grew too much and in 2015 we packed up and moved to the Hauptstadt. Since that time I have immersed myself in this enigmatic city: from its history, to its art galleries, to its markets, parks, and ruins. What I love most about my adopted home town: there is always something new to discover.

As a tour guide, I pride myself on conveying hugely important, often complicated topics in a concise and sensitive manner. Whether it’s confronting the horror of Nazi persecution, contemplating the oppression of the Berlin Wall, admiring the splendour of the Hohenzollern dynasty, or exploring Berlin’s creative underbelly, I love nothing more than helping people lift the lid on this city’s past and present. Come and take a walk with me and discover why Berlin is the most fascinating city in the world.

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