Carlos Meissner – Berlin Tour Guide

Carlos Meissner

Notwithstanding my exotic name (I am half Costa Rican), my connection to Berlin and German history is a very strong one. The family on my father’s side hailed from what became East Germany and settled in West Berlin in the 1950s. Since my father worked for the West German government, I grew up in Bonn. After graduating from an international school, I studied history in England, at Lancaster, Oxford and York.

After completing my PhD, I decided to gain some practical experience by showing visitors Berlin and its surroundings from both an international and local perspective in English, German, my native language, and – occasionally – Spanish.

The tours I specialise in include Berlin’s main sights and its Third Reich, Jewish and Cold War histories.

In addition, I offer tours from Berlin to Dresden, Potsdam and the Sachsenhausen concentration camp memorial.


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