Boris Coronado – Berlin Tour Guide

Boris CoronadoBoris is a native of Brooklyn, having lived the first 7 years of his life in Starrett City. After moving to Fairfield County, Connecticut he went on to traverse the east coast for his time at university. He started as a nursing major at Boston College after having been an Emergency Medical Technician for two years in Darien, CT. He spent one year at the University of Tampa studying literature before finishing his last two years at the University of South Carolina in education.  It wasn’t until after he moved to Berlin in 1998 for six months to discover his German roots that he developed an affinity for languages as well as a passion for all things German.

Boris started as a tour guide over 15 years ago with the legendary historian Terry Brewer giving 8-10 hour intensive walking tours of the German capital. It is his love for his newly discovered German family and the unique past and present of the city that has kept him here for so many years. He has trained many guides touring the streets today and his passion for the history and people of the city is contagious.

Although he has found his calling in connecting the holistic dots of social and political evolution Boris is also an entrepreneur, successfully managing two internet start ups over the past decade.  His latest project is starting an NGO in the Peruvian Amazon. He plays trombone in an East Berlin brass ensemble called the Bolschewistische Kurkapelle Schwarz-Rot and works as the European art manager for an artist in Cape Cod. Having been brought up by a German mother and Peruvian father enables Boris to connect and empathize with a broad swath of humanity, while educating and learning from the city’s visitors and inhabitants alike.


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