Berlin Tour Guide – Almar Haas

Berlin Tour Guide - Almar HaasMy name is Almar and I’ve been a tour guide in the fascinating city of Berlin since 2017. After I graduated from art school in the Netherlands, I moved to Berlin so that I could explore the most vivid city in Europe. The first time I visited Berlin, the city was still divided and through the years, I saw it change into the fantastic and unusual place it is right now.

My mission as a tour guide is to get the ‘Berlin Story’ across, ’cause the story can be even more fascinating than the city itself. Since there is so much to see, I do most of my tours by bike (included when booking a tour). There’s also the option of booking a walking tour or even booking a vehicle (in case of bad weather).

I offer my tours in Dutch, English, or German through my private agency:

There are many tours to choose from such as:

The Berlin Highlights, Jewish History Tour and Cold War Tour.
I also offer special tours such as:

Queer History Tour – showing you the places where the LTBGQ+ culture was and where it is today.

Alternative Berlin Tour – the other side of the city; explore Berlin like a Berliner.

Music History Tour – I am both a musician and a music collector, and developed this tour myself. Every historic moment in Berlin has a soundtrack, from opera to Krautrock and from Bowie to techno. There’s something magical about riding your bike through Berlin accompanied by the music of the era.

I use stories and anecdotes that were entrusted upon me and of course my own knowledge and experiences to make the city and its history come to life. Expect no boring history lesson, but rather stories full of humor and honesty, even those which the Germans would rather forget.

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