Arja Jacob – Berlin Tour Guide

Arja Jacob

I am Arja and I am a professional and trained guide since 2007 and settled in Berlin in 2009 where I run my own company Berlin Locals. Having family routes in the city there was no question for me where I wanted to live after visiting for the first time in 1990. As a studied historian with a masters degree from Hamburg university I found the perfect playground for my passion in Berlin with its rich history and endless places to explore. This is a city that gives me the opportunity to learn something new every day and I love to venture off  the beaten paths to get to know it even better. It also is a city that gives me the opportunity to follow my passion for best job in the world – being a  guide and sharing the stories I love with the people who visit the city.

My career started when I came home from a year abroad in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the US and had just decided not to pursue my journalistic ambitions any further after having been writing for seven years. Not knowing what to do I decided to go away again and stumbled over a job add in Australia looking for tour guides in Europe, applied and after months of studying European history and intense training I was hired to take young people around Europe and give walking tours in 36 different cities. So if you are looking for a guide to take you around Europe I would be the perfect person to ask. After three fun summers I felt it was time to settle down and where better to go than the best city in the world.


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