Andreas Foerster – Berlin Tour Guide

I am Andreas, born and raised in West-Berlin.

Let’s begin with a little confession: Sometimes I do miss the Berlin Wall. – Not because I’m a post-communist or a dark character, it’s simply nostalgia. The Wall shaped my childhood and childhood memories are the strongest…

After I had finished my B.A. in Cultural Sciences I decided to turn my passion into a profession: So I became a tour guide.Ten years of experience later, I am specialized in designing multi-day private tours blending history, architecture and arts into a unique and always individual in-depth experience. 

As a cultural scientist I pursue a generalist approach to phenomena, finally enabling my guests to find a personal access to the worlds to be revealed here. In my eyes a perfect tour should be an holistic experience following a taylor-made dramaturgy but always open for inspiring contingencies and interpersonal synergies.

I love to look at every seemingly ordinary phenomenon as if it were a secret that wants to be spotted and unraveled. Even for me, being part of a family that has lived in Berlin for generations, my city is still full of mysteries and yet untold stories. That’s why I love my profession and that’s why each tour seems like a new adventure to me, one I’d like to share with you…


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