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Agnes Nöll

My name is Agnes. Actually I am a qualified Engineer for the Technology of Viticulture & Beverages, but if you find your calling, you have to follow it…

Since the late 1990s, I have loved showing people around my hometown Berlin. And hey – history isn’t boring! It is so prevalent, all over the city, in multiple layers. The best way to really appreciate and understand it is to see it through the eyes of an informed guide. I prefer to stop not only at the major attractions, but also to go off the beaten track and visit some lesser known and even more fascinating sites. And as significant as the period of the Third Reich and later the division of the city by the Wall was for Berlin, there is so much more to it. To name just a few of my favourites, I love taking guests to Palace Schönhausen, where Old Prussia meets the GDR; to the New Chambers in Potsdam, Sanssouci’s more charming and less crowded little sister; for a bicycle ride on Berlin’s abandoned Tempelhof airfield; or for a jog through one of our beautiful parks.

But as much as I like Berlin, I am convinced that living here throughout the whole year is not sufficient for the soul. As soon as autumn kicks in, I leave Berlin for the natural beauty of Cape Town and South Africa, my second home and second guiding passion.

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