Alex LaRocca

Alex LaRocca

Originally coming from New York, but growing up in North Carolina, I suppose one can say I was introduced to cultural contrast at a young age. Growing up in the South, with family from the North left me quite middle of the road, but I’d like to believe this started an itch that I began to scratch during my Undergraduate at East Carolina University (ECU). Always having a passion for history, it was only by chance that I chose German to fufill a language requirement, but after two semesters the wonderful German professors at ECU stressed to me the importance of studying abroad. So I enthusiastically took their advice and studied for a year at Tübingen University in the southern German state of Baden-Württenburg. There, I took advantage of my first time in Germany, by studying the language and history as well as doing two round-country road trips, which took me twice me through what would be my future home: Berlin.

After returning to ECU and graduating with a Double BA in History and German studies, I applied for an internship at the German Marshall Fund in Berlin, which intuitively seemed to be the right decision, after remembering my time in Berlin the previous year. Upon moving to to this city, I knew very quickly that I would not be leaving any time soon. After two years of induldging in the varied tastes of the town, I began working as a city guide and on my Masters in Global History at Freie and Humboldt Universities. Today with my studies, my career, and my love of history, I feel I have managed to find my niche and don’t consider it a job, but a passion to share this city and country’s history with anyone coming for a visit.


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