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Das Bündnis Berliner Stadtführer*innen ist ein Zusammenschluss der besten Guides der Stadt.


Berlin Highlights

A highlights tour will cover all of the most important things to see in Berlin and provide commentary not only about those things, but also about Berlin’s general history

Potsdam Highlights

Potsdam to Berlin is like what Versailles is to Paris and it provides you with a bit of easy respite from the hustle and bustle of the German capital.


The peace that many hoped would follow the end of WW2 in 1945 proved to be shortlived. Instead the world entered a new era of conflict between superpowers with Berlin – divided and occupied – yet again centre-stage.


The Jewish history of Berlin is deeply intertwined with the overall history of the city, and all guides will include some Jewish history on their highlights tour.

Berlin im
dritte Reich

Every guide who does a Third Reich tour realizes how important this history is, and strives to explain how Hitler could come to power, how the Nazi policies destroyed the lives of all those he deemed as unworthy of life, and how he brought the world to war.


Sachsenhausen was more than a mere ‘protective-custody’ camp to hold political opponents, it would also serve as a training ground for members of the SS and slave labour facility providing workers for the numerous factories and operations that surrounded it.

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Want to find out what makes Berlin Unique with our Guides?

If you’ve done your research – whether that’s weeks of dedicated planning, or simply scanning the list of must-sees according to Time Out Berlin – you’ll know that there are endless things to do in Berlin.

With so much to see, even the best Berlin travel blog can’t beat a professional guide when it comes to exploring the most important Berlin highlights and hidden sights.

If you’re not sure what to see in Berlin, the best place to start is the beginning! To us, this means East Berlin. As the oldest part of the city, dating back to the 12th century, this is where you’ll find most of the famous Berlin attractions.

Context is everything, so joining an experienced guide who can connect the dots will greatly enhance your experience beyond simply checking off Berlin tourist sites. You’ll find a great number of day tours in Berlin, covering a wide variety of themes – from Third Reich & WWII walking tours, to Berlin food tours and beyond. There is no shortage of tours to do in Berlin.

A combination of fascinating history and flat topography, Berlin walking tours remain a popular and rewarding way to experience the city.

There is one downside to joining a Berlin walking tour for the general public, however (even the best of them!)… To cater to a larger audience the guide tends to stick to general themes and there is little wiggle room. Berlin private tours, on the other hand, offer the advantage of giving the client a lot more flexibility. In short: you are in control of your Berlin private city tour – you get a Berlin tour totally tailored to your interests.

Do you want to combine a Berlin Cold War Tour with a Berlin Architecture Tour? We can do that. Perhaps you’re interested in a tour of the Berlin Wall, but you’ve already seen the East Side Gallery. Your guide will take you to a lesser-known site instead. Maybe you’ve been to Sanssouci and are wondering about other things to do in Potsdam. We’ve got you covered.

Our Berlin private guides can create a tour specific to your interests, schedule and needs and can advise on whether a walking tour of Berlin is right for you, or if it makes more sense to explore Berlin with your own local private driver – a Berlin cycle tour could also be an option!


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