Berlin Culinary Tour

Culinary Tour

Berlin Culinary Tour

Now this might come as a surprise, but Berlin is far from considered a culinary center. Actually for years it has been off the culinary world map, so to speak. Decades of poor natural resources and lack of financial ones have left their impression on Berlin’s regional kitchen. However. that doesn’t mean that the story itself is not fascinating. Add the huge variety of immigrants populations that passed through or settled in the area and you get a very unique mixture. On top of that Berlin is experiencing a drastic mental change in its approach toward the topic. It’s not only new immigrants’ kitchens that are changing the definition of what is Berliner, but also a fast growing curiosity about local culinary traditions and styles. New concepts and new places are popping up each week around this huge city, remaking the old and serving the new. So if you want to see the change with your own eyes, this is definitely the right time.

While each guide does each tour differently, there are some points that are generally always included in a culinary tour of Berlin. These are just the key points and each guide will add his/her own highlights. The route can always be changed based on your own preferences, so please always discuss these things prior to your tour with your guide in order to meet your expectations.

On a standard Berlin culinary tour, you can expect to hear about, and of course taste your way around, the following:

  • Berlin and Brandenburg, the state surrounding Berlin
  • What German cuisine is and what constitutes Berlin cuisine
  • Currywurst and other Berliner street foods
  • The German beer story
  • The Turkish kitchen
  • German sweets
  • New Berliners and new trends

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