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What is the best tour in Berlin?


Picking the best Berlin city tour is really dependent on what you’re interested in. Beyond that you’ll want to find a great guide who will help you make the most of the time you have, going beyond the main Berlin attractions. You should also consider how long you have to spend here.


Whether you’re visiting Berlin for the weekend or have a full week to explore the German capital, our guides will ensure you experience the best of Berlin.


2 days in Berlin?


Because of it’s colorful history, rich cultural heritage and undeniable buzz, Berlin tourism is really exciting, boasting some of the best tours in Germany. There are also more museums in Berlin than there are days of rain!


If you’re pressed for time, you can start to discover Berlin in a half-day walking tour around the historical center, before checking out one of the top museums on Museum Island or the Kulturforum.


3 days in Berlin?


Those interested in 20th century history may wish to build on an initial private city day tour of Berlin by joining a more specific historical tour of Berlin, diving deep into one particular topic.


On a Berlin Third Reich tour, you’ll discover some of the sites associated with the Nazi period. It can be hard to imagine walking around scenic East Berlin today, but this city was of course the final battleground of the Second World War in Europe. An experienced guide can help you uncover Berlin WW2 sites. Unlike a Munich Third Reich tour, which focuses on the origins of the National Socialist Party, a Third Reich tour in Berlin will  take you from Hitler’s coming to power to the end of that murderous regime. Related to this topic of course is the memorial at Sachsenhausen, just north of Berlin. (You may have seen Sachsenhausen concentration camp in pictures, but being there in person is a very different experience.)


Perhaps you’re more interested in the Berlin Wall. In which case, joining an East Berlin tour is a great option. Here you can discover the answer to questions including: How was Germany divided? What did the Berlin Wall symbolize?Why  do people call it “Red Berlin”? and Why is there graffiti on the Berlin Wall?


If a straight Berlin history tour doesn’t appeal to you, you might wish to take a Berlin street art tour and see for yourself how the city became  a playground for international artists. Want to go even deeper? Try one of the many alternative Berlin tours our guides offer to explore the subcultures, squatting movements and political activism that came about as a result of Berlin’s turbulent history.


Touring Berlin is guaranteed to work up an appetite. Why not hop on a Berlin food tour to appreciate the mix of traditional and innovative local cuisine? You could wash it all down with a Berlin beer tour, where you’ll savor the best of the city’s brews, old and new.


4 days in Berlin?


If you’re here for a bit longer, why not venture out a little further? There are lots of recommended excursions from Berlin. A day trip from Berlin to Potsdam to visit the famous Sanssouci Palace and surrounding gardens (a registered UNESCO Heritage site) never fails to impress. And if you have more time to explore the country, you can cross the map of Germany with other tours from Berlin – including Dresden, Leipzig, Weimar and Wittenberg.