Peer Quality Review

The Bündnis Berliner Stadtführer (BBS) is always looking for and accepting new members. In order to set a minimum standard, we have created a list of requirements for membership. We assume that if you have achieved these requirements, have joined the BBS, and remain committed to learning, then your skills as a tour guide will only improve over time.

However, we recognize that there may be occasions in which a member does not fulfill the high standard to which the BBS aims. In these rare cases, if notified about a member’s poor performance, the BBS reserves the right to have two elected peers look into this claim and to rescind membership from the member in question.

In order to maintain this quality control, the BBS reserves the right to join a member‘s public tour or, if the member does only private tours, to have a test tour given. If it is determined that a tour guide‘s membership is in jeopardy, that tour guide will be notified in written form and given one warning. If the tour guide fails to improve his or her performance over the period of one month, then the BBS will inform him or her of their decision to be removed and their badge must be returned immediately.