7 (and a ½ ) Songs about Berlin that we love

We asked our members to share with us their favourite songs about Berlin or by Berliners and they did not disappoint. From classic ballads to the anthem of the German squatter movement, the range of genres is about as diverse as you’d expect of a city like Berlin.

Read on to see if your favourite made our list and to find your newest Ohrworm!

7 (and a ½ ) Songs about Berlin that we love

Marlene Dietrich recorded several songs about Berlin
Marlene Dietrich in Shanghai Express (1932) by Don English

1. “Ich hab’ noch einen Koffer in Berlin,” Marlene Dietrich
“I still have a suitcase in Berlin.” It happens to many of us.
Jeremy Minsberg

2. “Berlin,” Klaus Hoffmann
This was when Berlin was still divided, it was a different city then. I heard the song when I was still in school, in the late 70s. I had been to Berlin once, and I had fallen in love with it. And I loved the song!
Jo Eckardt

Hildgard Knef's song about Berlin is an ode to its toughness
Hildegard Knef | Koch, Eric / Anefo

3. “Berlin dein Gesicht hat Sommersprossen,”   Hildegard Knef
“Berlin, your face has freckles” is a love-song for this rough city that never gives up.
Yan Katz


Ton Schein Sterben's song about a Berlin squat has become an anthem
Cover art for Wenn die Nacht am Tiefsten ist… by Ton Steine Scherben

4. “Rauch-Haus-Song,” Ton Steine Scherben
This is my favourite song about Berlin because it’s the true story of my Lieblingskiez (favourite neighbourhood). It talks about the squat and underground culture that I love, and about one of my still favourite place in Berlin: das Bethanien. It’s very a funny song and became the real hymn of Kreuzberg.
Stéphanie Kieffer

5. “Kreuzberg,” Bloc Party
My favourite song about Berlin reminds me of living in my old Kiez but also the album that it’s from is generally very nostalgic.
Chris Moniz


Iggy Pop's hit song is about Berlin trains
Cover art for Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life | RCA

6. “Passenger,” Iggy Pop
I’ve known it since childhood but it was only after moving here that I learned his inspiration for the track was Berlin’s very own S-Bahn! The ride out to Wannsee is the most moving, according to Herr Pop. So give it a listen next time you’re heading out to Potsdam or the Bridge of Spies.
Georgia Riungu

7. “Am Fenster,” City
This song takes me back to my first months in Berlin and to some beautifully interesting conversations with a man grown up in West Berlin who loved playing both West and East Berlin music.
Alazne Artetxe

…and a ½. Oft gefragt,” Annenmaykantereit
Okay not explicitly about Berlin… but they say Berlin in the lyrics!
Susan Grouchy

And you? What are your favourite songs about Berlin or by a Berliner? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.